I am pleased to announce my "Zero-to-Hero" bundle; an extravaganza of photography tuition to get you up and running. This epic one-week photography course is designed for complete beginners wishing to accelerate and fast-track their photography skills to an advanced level.  You'll be taught key concepts and skills to use your camera effectively and efficiently while acquiring new artistic skills you'll keep forever.    

This workshop is available for individual and small group tuition.

The aim of this active one-week workshop is to take you from the very beginning of your photographic journey and the very basics of photography. As a beginner, you will be taken through basic camera operations and techniques to give you the confidence to know your equipment and take better pictures. 

As we progress through the week, we'll get a little deeper to improve your photographic skills. We'll cover all aspects of exposure and compositions techniques to significantly improve the overall impact and balance of your photography.  You will be shown when and how to use these techniques in realistic everyday surroundings, delivered in a simplistic approach.

You will then be shown how to bring these images on to your computer, make basic edits and export them for social media and printing.

The course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of photography. Although there is a lot to cover, I'll make sure that your experience is both worthwhile and fun.

Heres a breakdown of the week:

Day 1 - Camera basics and equipment

Your journey starts from the very basics to get you up and running for the days ahead. We will cover the following:

  • Getting to know your camera and its controls,
  • Types of Lenses and when to use them,
  • Basic equipment and essentials,
  • Looking after your equipment,
  • Basic settings and functions,
  • Media and storage,
  • Focusing,
  • Laws and Ethics

Day 2 - Exposure  

With the basics out of the way, we'll take a deeper look at the more technical aspects of your camera and get you off automatic mode. We'll talk about how and why controlling exposure is so important. We'll cover:

  • An introduction to camera exposure.
  • Aperture,
  • Shutter Speed,
  • ISO,
  • How these work together (the Exposure Triangle),
  • A look at the creative modes such as Aperture, Timed/Speed and Manual modes,
  • On and off Camera metering,
  • Exposure compensation,

Day 3 - Composition Skills and techniques.

We've mastered the technical aspect, so today we look more closely at the creative side of photography: 

  • Distracting elements,
  • The Rule of Thirds,
  • Converging and leading lines,
  • Tight Cropping,
  • Symmetry and Patterns,
  • Frames and Framing,
  • Selective focusing.


Day 4 - Post-Production

Today is all about post-production; the process of importing,  editing and exporting your images for printing and sharing. 

  • Basic management and workflow,
  • Importing your images, 
  • Basic editing such as cropping, resizing, colour and light corrections,
  • Exporting your images for web and printing.

Editing suite will be a choice of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. The demonstration will be on PC. However, you are welcome to use your own device.

Day 5 -  Field trip

On the last day, we will visit a place of interest to put your newly acquired skills to test by setting you an interesting photographic challenge. Don't worry, it's not an exam, it's simply a great way to evaluate your progress while having some fun at the same time. It's an ideal opportunity for you to ask last-minute questions. 

Each day ends with final thoughts and questions for the day.

Please note, the course is designed for those with bridge and modern DSLR camera users. It is essential you bring your camera manual.

Group tuition is classroom-based. However, please bring suitable outdoor wear in case we do go outside. Participation and discussions with other delegates is encouraged. Please keep an eye on my Facebook Page for forthcoming group events.

Please get in touch so I can book you a place.

Duration - 5 days (9:30am to 4:00pm) 

Individual 1-2-1 training - £875

Group Rate (9:30 to 4.00pm)  - £550 per person. Min 2 people, maximuim 5 people. 

Please check essentials for the day.

If you have any specific requirements or questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to helping you in the near future.




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