Hi, thank you for stopping by to visit my website, I hope you'll enjoy looking through my photo gallery.

I'm Paul and I am a fully qualified photographer specialising in event and portrait photography but my interest areas extend far beyond that. I started out several years ago taking photographs of new technology, another great interest area of mine. However, my images never quite lived up to my own expectations. Like most photographers starting out, I realised that I needed help in getting the best out of my camera and using the wealth of settings and enhancements the modern DSLR camera now provides.

So I embarked on several levels of the City & Guilds photography courses which advanced my skills achieving distinctions throughout and further fuelled my passion for this art form. Wishing to extend my accreditations, I went on to acheive a Licentiate distinction award with the Royal Photographic Society.

As exciting and challenging that the training has been, nothing beats getting out there with my camera and experiencing photography in the real world. I love to take on new projects and challenges to help me grow and advance as a photographer.

Over the last few years, I have taken great pleasure in sharing my work with the public and fellow photographers. I enjoy helping other photographers at my local group to reach their goals, just as much as extending my own experience. I now serve on the committee of my group and regularly teach various aspects of photography and editing.

If you have a project, an event, a portfolio etc which would otherwise be very costly to photograph, I would very much appreciate you contacting me so that we can discuss your needs. 

Thank you for your interest.

Paul Hudson (LRPS)



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